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14797 FUSO FU54JV 10W 10T Wing Van Truck - Alum
s/n FU54JUZ -532534, e/n 6M70 -358732
SUPER GREAT, blue, F7, diesel, LfSpr, 8AB, StBC, AlmSL, SS-B/CP, AHS-100cm, CP, SwD, StFL-X, (17), DT-8, 6M70, CRDI, 30ft
14778 FUSO FU54JV 10W 10T Wing Van Truck - Alum
s/n FU54JZ -540386, e/n 6M70 -374810
SUPER GREAT, green, F7, diesel, LfSpr, 8AB, AlmBC, AlmSL, AHS-81cm, CP, SwD, StFL-X, WBkr, 32ft x 7ft8, ABCtrl-Ok, (18), DT-3, 6M70, CRDI, (PJ)
13059 FUSO FU419N 10W 10T Fire Truck
s/n FU419N -560013, e/n 8DC11 -504158
PROJHL, red, F6, diesel, CB, SS-B/CP/FG, 2.1KL cap, nozzle, gun, siren

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